Alyce M. Dickinson, Ph.D.
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PSY 4600: Survey of Behavior Analysis Research

Dr. Alyce Dickinson teaches PSY 4600 every fall and spring semester.

This course provides an overview of diverse topics of behavior analysis research and applications. The objectives of the course are to increase students' understanding of the principles of respondent and operant conditioning and to introduce students to diverse areas of applications of behavioral psychology. Topics include: Performance management, teaching technology (direct instruction and precision teaching), college teaching, motivation, behavioral medicine, gerontology, verbal behavior, professional ethics, and certification in behavior analysis. Course prerequisites include PSY 3300 and 3600.

PSY 4600 Course Materials

Last updated: April 1st, 2018

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Syllabus (Spring 2018)

Study Objectives (Spring 2018)

Links relevant to PSY 4600

Lecture presentations and supplemental material
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Unit 1 - Respondent Conditioning: Principles and Applications


Unit 2 - Operant Conditioning: Principles and Applications


Unit 3 - Performance Management & Multiple Effects of Stimuli


Multiple Effects of Stimuli - Flash based tutorial developed by Doug Johnson

Unit 4 - Higher Education and Teaching Technology


Unit 5 - Verbal Behavior


Unit 6 - Motivating Operations


Unit 7 - Gerontology and Staff Management

Lecture Part 1

Lecture Part 2

Unit 8 - Certification & Licensing of Behavior Analysts and Professional Ethics

Lecture **NEW**








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